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A Community That Cares

As I was distributing food curbside this week a sweet lady pulled up and asked if she could give a donation.  She apologized for not having much to give and proceeded to hand me a couple of dollars to help feed the community.   She said it was all she had.

Another lady came and asked if we would accept part of her stimulus money to buy food for others.  She said she did not need it all and wanted to help others with the rest.

A local restaurant owner came by and brought fresh food they had been unable to use in the restaurant.  He wanted to make sure the food did not go to waste and was a blessing to people who could use it.

In this time of crisis our community has been incredible in partnering with us to keep our neighbors fed!  What a blessing to live in such an amazing place where we all work together and take care of each other!  

Suzanne Hogan

The Salt Mine

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