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January Recap—How Can You Help?

Hello friends of The Salt Mine!

As you may have seen in our recent email, the new year has met us with new blessings and challenges. The biggest of these challenges has been a broken water pipe that flooded one of the rooms in the Food Closet. In the midst of this challenge, our biggest blessing has been you! Thank you for coming through for your community at this time and giving towards this project.

The flooded room may seem like a major setback, but it has fast tracked our remodeling plans. You see, this room was at the top of our list to update and completely remodel—in a way, we are thankful that we get to do some major work on it much sooner than we anticipated. We had to act fast to repair the water damage and begin construction on the flooded room. Now the project is well underway, and the detailed plans for its remodel are becoming a reality. This has been a project years in the making—but as we start it, we are already feeling the financial hole it will create.

That's where our friends and partners of The Salt Mine come in! As you know, we are a small faith-based non-profit with a big operation. Our mission is to take care of those in need in the cities of Lincoln and Sheridan. This is a huge undertaking to execute every day from our facility. We look forward to the many current and future projects that will help update our building, but we do not want those projects to create a deficiency in funds that will hinder our greater mission. In fact, we want these updates to enhance and improve how we bless people on a daily basis! That's why we need your help to fill the financial gap that we are experiencing.

After our last email, many of you responded with the desire to help. We are so blessed by our generous and thoughtful community! We wanted to answer your questions about the best way you can help at this time. We have an amazing and experienced team that is already executing the plan that has been made for the damaged room. Our biggest need at this time is funds to make up for the project costs. We are so thankful that you, our faithful community, would be so willing to give—this helps us maintain the daily operations of The Salt Mine as we work on this project. We never want to stop giving our community the best we can. You can help us do that every day by continuing to partner with us!

Thank you so much for being a loyal partner with The Salt Mine and giving back to your community! Together, we can keep our neighbors fed every day.

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