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Surviving the Summer: How to Prepare for the Increased Need

Summer is here! At The Salt Mine Food Closet, we have noticed one steady factor throughout the years—there are ALWAYS more families that ask for help during the summer months. Summer is the season of greatest increased need in our community. Most years, we see a 30% increase in requests for help during summer months compared to winter and spring months. With children out of school, many families need food assistance.

The biggest question on our minds is this:

"How can we help our neighbors?"

If you're wondering how you can help prepare our neighbors for the increased need, here are some things you can do:

Make a one-time donation or set up recurring donations here!
If you want to give more than a donation, consider becoming a sponsor of The Salt Mine during the summer months! Contact us here to find out more about sponsorship.
If you are a local business, The Salt Mine would love to partner with you! Your business will help many of our neighbors by initiating a Summer Fundraising Campaign. Contact us here to learn more.
Sign up for our email list here. Forward emails to people you think could support The Salt Mine. This is a great way to stay in touch and help us reach more people!
Follow us on social media here. Like and share posts as often as you can to show your support!

We can make a huge impact on our community by enhancing the lives of our neighbors this summer. Let's join together and do what we can to keep our neighbors fed!

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