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Find out how you can support The Salt Mine.

Support the salt mine

lOCAL BUSINESs Fundraisers

If you are a business owner with a heart for local outreach, we would love to create a fundraiser tailored to your brand that is positive and helpful for you, bringing more customers in and showing them that your business gives back to the community. We will help design posters and materials needed to get the word out, as well as craft social media posts to share with our followers, Thrift Store customers, and donors.

 sponsors of The Salt Mine

Some businesses go above and beyond by making The Salt Mine their primary charity to give back to our community. These sponsors make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors by meeting specific needs that only substantial funds can supply. Click below to learn more about sponsorship!

Legacy sponsors

If you are preparing a will for yourself or a family member, consider including The Salt Mine as a part of your legacy. Legacy sponsors have played a huge role in helping keep our neighbors fed since 1985.

Business Fundraiser ideas


If your business has space and foot traffic, you can set up a food donation barrel from The Salt Mine. Customers can donate non-perishable items, and we will pick up the food as needed. You may want to offer coupons and incentives to your customers to produce a successful food drive!

Roundup campaigns

Your business can initiate a roundup campaign by asking customers if they would like to round up their change to support The Salt Mine.

"Buy a bag" campaigns

Encourage customers to donate $24 (the price of a bag of groceries) to local families. This can look like a donation box for The Salt Mine in your business location or a flyer with a QR code for customers to donate to The Salt Mine.

Sponsor a food item

You can sponsor The Salt Mine by purchasing a specific food item in bulk for the Food Closet. This is a great need at the Food Closet, since we want to maintain a consistent supply of staple items for times of high demand.

We want to create a fundraiser unique for your business! Email us to talk about fundraising ideas.

sponsorship ideas

Sponsor a FOOD BOX item

We often have specific needs for our fresh food boxes, pantry boxes, and daypacks. You can purchase a large quantity of one item to help supply many food boxes.

sponsor holiday boxes

The needs of our community greatly increase during the holidays. You can consider sponsoring specific items for the holiday season to help fill holiday boxes.


You can help improve our ability to keep our neighbors fed by giving funds towards facility update projects.

Sponsor resources

You can give funds for specific resources our community may need, such as gas cards for our clients.

Sponsorship looks different for everyone—we would love to have a conversation about what sponsorship looks like for you!

legacy sponsors

make your giving a legacy

Legacy sponsors make a lasting impact by including The Salt Mine in their will. Legacy sponsors in the past have helped keep The Salt Mine alive in times of financial need. If becoming a legacy sponsor applies to you or a relative, contact us for more info.

sPONSORS of The salt mine

Simple Pleasures Restaurant

We are proud to have Simple Pleasures Restaurant as a life-long sponsor of The Salt Mine. Located in Lincoln since 1979, Simple Pleasures has always supported The Salt Mine and its mission to keep our neighbors fed. With relationships spanning over three generations, we value the commitment we share with our sponsors. This community thrives when business owners look to serve and have a heart to give back.

Support Local Families this Summer

The lincoln hills foundation

We are thankful to have The Lincoln Hills Foundation as a sponsor, providing our Food Closet with Ensure protein drinks and gas cards for seniors in our community. Many seniors live on a limited government stipend, and these resources help them make their finances stretch further. Here are some testimonials that express the impact of The Lincoln Hills Foundation at The Salt Mine:

“We have 3 seniors living in the home. We are on a fixed income. We are struggling financially. The food we get at the Food Closet helps immensely!  My 90 year old mother lives with us, and the Ensure is wonderful for her. I make sure she drinks one every day.” -Leon 


“ Getting food from The Salt Mine Food Closet means I don’t have to eat ramen for dinner every night. Money is super tight and I can’t afford to buy any extras. The Food Closet gives me fresh produce which I otherwise couldn’t afford. I also have no teeth, so getting enough protein is a problem for me. Getting the Ensure helps me so much.”  -Mary 

Local fundraisers

Visit these locations to participate in their fundraisers for The Salt Mine!


"Buy a Bag" Campaign:

donate $24 to support local families with groceries this summer.

648 Fifth Street

Lincoln, CA 95648

Lincoln crossing clubhouse

Food Donation Barrels:

bring non-perishable food items to donate.

830 Groveland Lane

Lincoln, CA 95648

Super Cuts

Food Donation Barrel:

bring non-perishable food items to donate.

129 Ferrari Ranch Road, Unit 130

Lincoln, CA 95648


Food Donation Barrel:

bring non-perishable food items to donate.

449 F Street

Lincoln, CA 95648

tHE lincoln funeral home

Food Donation Barrel:

bring non-perishable food items to donate.

406 H Street

Lincoln, CA 95648


Food Donation Barrel:

bring non-perishable food items to donate.

270 Technology Way, Suite 100

Rocklin, CA 95765


Food Donation Barrel:

bring non-perishable food items to donate.

820 Sterling Parkway, Unit 3070

Lincoln, CA 95648

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