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Give a monetary donation to keep our neighbors fed.


26,000 Reasons why

You may be surprised by how many people you help if you support The Salt Mine. By making a one-time or recurring monetary donation, you help feed over 26,000 families each year. You help feed 6,500 people each month and up to 60-70 people each day! If you are a resident of Lincoln or Sheridan who has the ability to give back to your community, we want you to see the amazing effect of your donations. Thank you for your generosity in partnering with The Salt Mine.

You meet people's real needs

By partnering with The Salt Mine, you do more than just help people with food assistance, even though this is a great need. You also help people in your own community receive a better quality of life. At The Salt Mine, we use your donations to help people in any way we possibly can, including assistance with food, gas, clothes, or household items. We even offer a support community through The Salt Mine Church if this is a need that people have. As you can see, your support goes a long way in enhancing the lives of your neighbors.

95% goes back to the community

95% of donations to The Salt Mine go toward serving the residents of Lincoln and Sheridan. You can be confident that your support stays local! The Salt Mine has been a part of Lincoln's history since 1985. Our mission is directed soley to this community. Our heart is for the people of this community. We know you have the same passion to serve your neighbors, and that's why we are so grateful to partner with you to make a real difference for those around us. 

what is the need for monetary donations?

Overhead costs

The Salt Mine cannot operate on a daily basis without monetary donations. We rely on you, our community, to help those in need in the cities of Lincoln and Sheridan.


There are many projects that need to be accomplished at The Salt Mine to help our operations run more efficiantly. These projects have been planned for years, but we need funds to execute them in a way that is beneficial to our community.

thank you for making a difference in your community.

Thank you for partnering with The Salt Mine and making a difference in our community. Your support stays local and helps thousands of people each year! We are so grateful that you have chosen us as a partner to help give back to the community. Let us continue to serve together and give our neighbors the best we can!

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