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VOLUNTEEr training

Start your Volunteer Training at The Salt Mine.

Volunteer training

Welcome to the team!

We can't wait to work with you! The first month of your volunteer hours, you will be in the Volunteer Training phase. This will help you try many available volunteer opportunities while getting to know our systems at the Food Closet and Thrift Store. Every new job you try, you will be trained by your Volunteer Coordinators and will learn from other volunteers.

Volunteer placement

During Volunteer Training, you will be in close communication with your Volunteer Coordinators. You will work with them to find the best fit for you! Your Volunteer Coordinators will decide the best placement for you based on availability and the greatest need for our volunteer team.

Volunteer Guidelines

The things we look for most in a Salt Mine Volunteer are reliability, a great attitude, and a willingness to serve. Click here to read our Volunteer Guidelines and gain an understanding of our goals for the volunteer workplace.


It's time to schedule your Volunteer Training! Click below to schedule a time that works best for you. After your first day, your Volunteer Coordinator will help you schedule your next volunteer hours.



Check out The Salt Mine Food Closet page to familiarize yourself with hours, services, and other details.


Check out The Salt Mine Thrift Store page to learn more about hours, services, and other details.

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