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Youth programs

At the Salt Mine, we consider our youth programs to be a crucial and long-lasting investment into the community of Lincoln.  Our organization began as a youth center in 1985, from which many students have grown and reinvested into their community. Our mission is to give the students of Lincoln a place where they can flourish in their community as we help them accomplish their goals. 



Every Wednesday from 3-6 pm, we open up the Salt Mine for students to hang out after school. The students are welcome to engage in activities, play games, enjoy snacks, and connect with leaders who desire to partner with students and their families for their success. 


Students have the opportunity to participate in summer events and volunteer activities throughout the year. There are many ways for students to stay engaged and active. When students choose to participate in work activities, our goal is to equip them for success in any work environment.

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Salt Mine Youth is located in the heart of Lincoln, and we welcome interaction and partnership with the other youth centers of our community. Students all over Lincoln are able to interact and form meaningful relationships in a safe and supervised environment.

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